Top Ten Things to Do in Wellington

Located at the bottom of the North Island of New Zealand is the capital city of New Zealand – Wellington overlooking the infamous Cook Straight.

Wellington is often described as ‘Windy Wellington’ because of the strong winds that drive through the Cook Strait; hence residents feel lucky on days where there are those blissful days in January where there is no wind.

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A little History of Wellington, New Zealand

Before we dive into the most suitable hotels, restaurants and attractions located in Wellington it is worth taking a dive into the history of this capital city located, which is the most southern capital city in the world.

The landmass of New Zealand was the last continental landmass discovered worldwide and early Maori settlements were documented to have arrived here as early as the 10th century. There is no hard evidence of settlement here only rumours.

The actual earliest date for hard evidence where Maori settlements were established was 1280 AD, with several Maori tribes living within the no location of Wellington in the 13th century.

It was not until the arrival of the Europeans in 839 that other physical records of people living and working in the region that is now known as Wellington. In 1840, Wellington was declared a city of New Zealand and then finally declared the capital city in 1865.

The_Old_Shebang, Cuba_Street,_Wellington, circa 1883
Image of Wellington 1883

Wellington has since remained the capital city since then, where the supreme court of New Zealand resides and the New Zealand parliament – the Beehive.

The population in Wellington is 440,000 people spread across the major urban areas known as Wellington City, Lower Hutt City, Upper Hutt City and Porirua City.

If you come and visit Wellington, let’s examine the best hotels the city has to offer…

Using the Cable Car in Wellington

Best Hotels When Staying in Wellington

We aren’t going to give you anything that can be described as ‘affordable’ or ‘cheap’ in our list here – simply the top hotels in Wellington.

There are some terrific hotels in our capital city, but we examine the top five in our list.

Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Wellington

What do tourists do in Wellington?

We wanted to find out and bring you a list of ideal attractions to keep you entertained while you watch local commuters and locals fight their way against the windy winds of Wellington.

We examine both free options and paid options when visiting attractions in Wellington.

Top Restaurants in Wellington

While you consider the best hotels that are on offer for those discerning visitors to our capital city, you’ll also need to think about the best places to eat.

We searched the internet high and wide, visited online forums and checked reviews of restaurants in Wellington to get the best results – Only kidding! We looked to bring you a list of the ideal restaurants in Wellington for your family or lover (AKA your wife)

Getting Around in Wellington

Travelling in and about Wellington is relatively straightforward and there are plenty of options available for those that want to travel by different forms of transportation. In Fact, getting around in Wellington is the easiest out of all the major cities in New Zealand, you can read about this here…

Wellington at Sunset Harbour

Locations of Things to Do in Wellington

So, without further delay and ‘waffle’ here is a list of the top things to do in Wellington!

They might not be actual tourist destinations, but they are places to sleep, eat and visit that you can DO when visiting Wellington:

  1. Visit the Te Papa Museum
  2. Ride the Wellington Cable Car
  3. Walk up the The Mount Victoria Lookout and take in the Views
  4. Take a walk along the Waterfront or Civic Square
  5. Visit Wellington Zoo
  6. Check out Weta Studios in Wellington
  7. Visit Hannahs Laneway
  8. Shop at the Lambton Quay Or if money is no object visit
  9. The Old Bank Arcade
  10. Explore the best of Cuba Street

I hope you’ve enjoyed this information and list and you’ll come back for more information in the future…

Chao for now…SAC.

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