Helping Businesses in Ostend to Grow Using SEO and PPC

SEO Auckland Chap provides a range of SEO consultancy and digital marketing support services for businesses in Ostend and across Waiheke Island.

As a local business ourselves, we have first-hand knowledge of how challenging it can be to rise above the rest in a competitive market. That's why we want to use our SEO Ostend knowledge to help local businesses.

We work with businesses of small to medium-sized and guide them with their understanding of SEO (organic SEO in Waiheke Island) and PPC. That’s absolutely vital in today’s world, and it’s become even more so following the unprecedented events of Covid.

Visit our services page to explore the digital marketing services on offer, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help your Ostend business to grow.

We continue our journey around the suburbs of Waiheke Island and this review continues on from SEO in Palm Beach.

Doing Business in Ostend Online With SEO and PPC

Geographically, one of the largest suburbs located on Waiheke Island, Ostend is home to several small companies that will need to have potential exposure from online traffic and bring visitors from the mainland into their operational activities.

Finding an ideal client can always be tricky, so we need to ensure that any business online has been shown to the most likely individual to need your services in Ostend.

Let's take a dive into the types of businesses that can currently be found operating in Ostend, Waiheke Island. The obviously choice initially would be to look at the local small, Bed and Breakfast facilities and accommodation that is available, several guests houses, the odd winery, a gardening and landscape company, several small restaurants, a graphics company and even an insurance company that could also find being ranked on the internet very helpful.

If you live and work in Ostend, on Waiheke Island and need to find a suitable SEO and PPC company to help your business expand and be found on the internet then reach out to see if we can work together.



SEO Agency Ostend - Map View of Ostend, Wahieke Island, Auckland

SEO Rankings & Results for Our Clients Around the World

Here are just a few samples of rankings achieved for other clients in the UK, Italy and New Zealand. These clients consistently receive free traffic from Google month after month. We can certainly repeat this for your business in Ostend.

Organic Rank Tracking

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This client approached us in the UK with the aim of ranking for a particular set of competitive keywords that were competing with hundreds of other companies in the same industry.

After changing the on-page structure Google moved the website down to position 83 for a period. We advised the client not to panic, Google will eventually adjust once we change the internal linking structure and the external links pointing to the page.

The phrase climbed to page 1 after 8 months and hit the #1 spot after 14 months of SEO.

The client now has multiple related phrases ranking on page 1 effectively doubling their traffic year on year and have now had to hire more sales staff.

Local Maps Rankings

Click to Enlarge Image

This screenshot is from the 'Insights' section within Google My Business for a client in Auckland. This client was receiving ZERO calls from their Google Maps listing, they now receive over 50 calls a month because of their #1 ranking position!

Dominate the map positions, and take over existing local competitors.

This client is now expanding staffing levels to cope with the demand. 

In addition to obtaining map listings, we also run this client's Google Ads and Organic SEO.

Would you like an additional 50+ calls* from people all looking for your services?

*All niches vary, calls will be dependant upon the level of searches and population.

#1 Rankings For Italian Client

click to enlarge image

This law firm approached us from Italy wanting to reach #1 in for their primary keyword phrase. 

Having had little success with previous SEO companies and a rather 'weak' attempt at doing SEO on their own, they reached out to us and we examined everything.

Ultimately, this needed to be approached from the ground up and rebuild the website with a faster theme, faster hosting, optimised images and re-align all the content and URLs to suit the niche.

Our perseverance paid off and within 7 months, the client ranked #1 for their keyword phrase and has since been enjoying over 20 leads a month for this particular niche.

Testimonials From Clients

"We've been using services from the owner of SAC from 2015 and have enjoyed a steady stream of enquiries for our services every week, month and year without fail. Without their services, we would have folded some time ago. We would not hesitate to recommend using their SEO knowledge and skills for any other business" - P Ashcroft - Garden Landscaper


"Our legal website was struggling on page 3 of Google for our targeted keyword phrases and we didn't know how to raise our profile in Google any further. Having used a local SEO company and got mediocre results, we thought it prudent to find an SEO company that had high rankings in Google already and consider using their services.

With the advice, we changed hosting, redesigned our website and conducted ongoing link building to achieve #1 rankings within 7 months of using their services." - M Permunian - Real Estate Lawyer


"I contacted Jonathan when our website died and we were unable to gain get leads to our website. 

Jonathan came around and sat down with us and explained how the internet and specifically internet marketing worked. He then built a new website for us and created a Google Ads campaign.

Upon switching on the Google Ads, we received 3 enquiries within 4 hours for our services. It really fascinates me, as I'm a bit of an old lundite!" - P Dawson, Builder and Roofer  


"We used Jonathan to build out a Google Ads campaign to bring more business to our Westcliff Dental practice.

After building out and planning a suitable campaign, Jonathan's work continuously provided our practice with suitable leads using Google Ads."  - D Chattaroo, Dentist


"We started with a 6-page website at the beginning of 2015 when we approached Jonathan for his SEO services. We wanted to grow our company into a nationally recognised brand that buys second-hand cars for cash quickly.

Jonathan conducted several hours of research to develop a plan to build out and advance our website. He expanded the website to over 130 pages and raised us from 350 in the Google for our primary keyword phrase to #5 in 7 months, as well as ranking numerous other phrases. We went from zero to 1200 leads a month" - Sonny - Car Dealer


"We used SAC services for our website and our leads changed overnight, we become so busy with enquiries that we have had to double our staff.

And the difference, getting ranked 1# in the maps. Our business heavily relies on people finding us using their mobile phones and the best leads are those that come from being found within the maps.

SAC changed this by establishing our map rankings." - H Bryden, Electrician


"We've been using Jonathan for the past two years, he has been exceptionally responsive and helpful for our business. 

He audited our website and Google Ads campaigns and reduce our CPC by 50%. At the same time, we were drifting further backwards in the map listings and were not appearing in the vital top 3 positions for our keyword phrases.

He has since moved us back to #1 for our main keyword phrases in the maps and we are gradually climbing back to the top of page 1 for our organic listings. During the pandemic and with BREXIT in the UK, we anticipated a fall in enquiries from a business standpoint. 

The opposite has actually happened, we've actually had an increase of leads by 40% and now been able to hire additional staff to complete the sales process.

In addition to this, we are expanding our business line to incorporate garden rooms, which have become extremely popular thanks to the pandemic. This is is a new website Jonathan will be working on" - A Goding, L & W Director




Common SEO Questions & Answers

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation, it is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of targeted traffic to a website from the organic search engine results (SERPs for short). 

An SEO consultant will aim to bring targeted traffic to a business website that is relative to the business. For instance, if you happen to run a plumbing company then, you would want people looking for a plumbing company landing on your website. These are the people that will be contacting your plumbing business for your services.

SEOs are able to obtain targeted organic traffic for businesses, thereby increasing the number of suitable leads for their clients. 


Search engines are highly sophisticated algorithms designed to give their users search results of what product or service they are looking for, or the answer to their question. 

When you type a query or question into a search engine, the search engine has to find the best possible answer, or solution to your question. It does this by looking through its vast directory (an index of billions of web pages) and return back the most suitable response based on numerous factors. 

The factors it considers are known to SEO consultants, but generally, they return pages based on what the website page is about and how many votes of confidence (links from other websites) that the website page has received.

It will then rank the top 10 positions and place them on the home screen that you've just looked to, whether it be Google, Bing, Yahoo or Duck Duck Go.  

All of this is done within a second of your question. Now imagine this is was a library and you had the exact answer to your question that quickly - you cannot and that's what makes the search engines and SEO so effective.


At SAC, we provide a full range of search engine optimisation services with a focus on content optimisation, link outreach and technical improvements. As a leading SEO company in Auckland and with contacts throughout the SEO industry globally your business will be examined and look into by decades worth of experience.

We use ethical methods to drive long term SEO results for our clients that will have a positive impact upon your business.

We do not place a limit on targeted keyword phrases for our clients.

Simply, we encourage your website to grow in size over time and in doing so will make suggestions to your in-house teams on how to expand the website with vital topical relevant content.

As your business grows we need to ensure that topical articles are added to your website to create more authority in your niche. This effort will increase the number of keyword phrases that the search engines will then send to your business over time.


The best answer here is 'it depends!

It depends on the stage of the website, is it brand new and has it just been built, it is 10 years and now an 'authority in Google'?

How many pages does it have when compared to the current leaders in Google for that niche? 'Plumbers in the North Shore' is a different niche to 'Plumbers in Auckland City'

How many links are pointing to your website when compared to your competitors? A brand new website will have no links, while one that is 10 years old might have a few dozen that have accrued naturally.

What type of links are pointing to your website compared to your competitors. Several techniques a few years ago meant hundreds of 'spammy links' were built and ranked websites. But they have no value and consequently, the recipients of those types of links have seen their websites drop off the SERPs and devalued by Google.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and should be part of your business overall marketing approach when combined with Google Ads they can become very powerful.

Overall, we're seeing brand new websites take anywhere between 6-12 months to be considered suitable to place on page 1 and rank in the SERPs. While established aged websites generally will move to more favourable positions within the 5-9 month period....BUT it really depends on the overall state of the on-page and off-page links for a website.

In some cases, your business website might have been the victim of thousands of spammy links and it might have been penalised. The best option would be a new domain here.


As with the previous answer - it depends!

We don't set up standard packages for SEO, it's impossible given the number of variables involved.

Every client we take on board is of a bespoke nature, the content required to dominate their niche will be bespoke and the links that we build for that client will be bespoke.

We need to examine and prepare, plan and work out the costs involved for your website and the campaign. This cannot be done without several hours of research and taking into consideration your budget to achieve results in the niche you're in the number of keyword phrases you want to be found for.

You don't go to an architect and builder and say I want a house, without expecting to answer dozens of questions from either of them with regards to the specifications, designs, locations that you want.

The same can be said of SEO.

Before we can start any SEO project, we kindly request that you complete our Discovery Application form. We do not start on your project until this is completed.

Our work with our clients is of an ongoing nature, the longer you continue SEO the better the results you'll end up receiving from our services.


Using Digital Marketing Strategies to Attract New Customers to Your Ostend Business

Whether you operate a company from Ostend or you are lucky enough to call it home and have a business located elsewhere in Auckland, you’re almost certainly eager to attract more customers. SEO has the power to achieve that, but only if it’s done right. It’s one of those areas in which a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and it is only too easy to waste time and money for no return.

SEO Auckland Chap will work with you to craft the right SEO strategy for your business and your budget (SEO is not applicable to every business). We’ll be frank with you every step of the way as to what you can realistically expect to achieve and how long it will take. We’ll also monitor progress and suggest any refinements that might be necessary along the way.

To start the conversation, please complete our Discovery Form. Once we have learned a little about you, we can start to come up with some ideas and the next step will be an informal chat to get to know one another. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Join us as we continue to explore Waiheke Island – the next stop on our journey is Onetangi.

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