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Welcome to SEO Auckland Chap - An SEO Consulting Company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We rank websites in all of the search engines and beat your competitors to give you their traffic.

Hopefully, your internet travels to this page hasn't been too long, and you managed to find your way quite swiftly?

The quicker that you found the page, the better we've done at our job, as we certainly wouldn't want you trawling through pages in Google to find an SEO Expert in Auckland.

Nope, we hope you find us promptly.

"Good day to you, internet searcher, we’ve been expecting you".

We knew this day would come; we’ve been planning it for some time, in fact, perhaps a couple of years, to be honest (you see, we’re an open group of SEO Consultants).

We knew that some people or businesses would need our expertise in online marketing in Auckland, New Zealand. Or, more specifically, companies seeking help with SEO in Auckland (or search engine optimisation for the full name).

How could we possibly know that a potential customer would come through our doors and visit our online business?

Research, we have conducted several hours of keyword research, to be exact. After the research comes the importance of planning, planning the domain name, the URL structure of SEO Auckland Chap, planning each page’s content from page titles to images.

In the world of search engines, we needed to find out what phrases related to SEO people were searching. We then constructed our website pages to tie in precisely with those SEO related searches. That way, we’ve captured as many phrases as possible in the search engines and be listed for hundreds of search terms relative to our business and services we provide, such as NZ SEO and Auckland SEO.

The premise of our website is always to capture people searching for SEO related phrases in Auckland or SEO services in New Zealand. If they found a website at the top of Google, they would automatically feel that this company would have an excellent idea on how to rank in Google.

If a digital marketing agency has good ranking positions in Google, it could likely be a good fit. They are then likely to have the experience and knowledge to rank our online business, no?

We know the answer to this question, but what do you think? If you’re not convinced so far, then read on.

Want to Find Out More?

There is a lot more text on this page - mainly for SEO purposes and to please the overlords, Google. Had enough of reading? Then make contact with us to speed up the process...

But Why is Ranking in Search Engines So Important?

Google is the #1 referrer of internet traffic, and it has been for several years. To consider having an online business and not incorporating any form of SEO in your marketing plan is not the best idea. The lifeblood of any internet business is traffic, or more specifically, ‘targeted traffic’.

What we mean by ‘targeted traffic’ is traffic or visitors who will land on your website and take action to contact you. Those visitors contact you because they were searching for you in the first place and were actively searching for your services.

It’s these visitors that bring new sales and revenue to your business. And we all know what happens to a company that can’t bring in sales and revenue?

As a percentage of visitor traffic, how important is Google?

Search Engine Percentages - Google Wins!

Nearly 85% of web users search on Google, Google maps or Google images. They search for answers and products on Google; they search for everything on Google.

To consider online marketing for your business and NOT consider utilising Google Ads and Organic SEO would be akin to killing off your business there and then.

You need them; they dominate the market – PERIOD.

What SEO Companies are Right for You and Your Business?

We admit that there are many SEO businesses in Auckland, each trying to grab your attention and tell you that they are the best. But have you ever wondered home many digital marketing companies had set themselves up to target an ideal phrase for SEO Services in Auckland?

Let’s take the apparent phrase ‘SEO Auckland’ and see what the levels of competition are.

If we search in Google, using the following search string ‘allintitle’ and ‘allinurl’, we get a good perspective of how competitive it is in Auckland:

Click on Image to Enlarge

This image tells us that 1,670 websites in Google's index compete with the phrase 'SEO Auckland' with it in their Meta Title - that's many companies to choose from!

Click on Image to Enlarge

This image tells us that 1,190 web pages in Google's index compete with the phrase 'SEO Auckland' with it in their URL - that's many companies to choose from!

What About The Search SEO New Zealand - Same Results?

You can then apply the same for the whole of New Zealand and conduct the exact search, but this time use ‘SEO New Zealand’; here are the results:

Click To Enlarge Image

This image tells us that 340 web pages in Google's index compete with the phrase 'SEO New Zealand' with it in their Meta Title - that's many companies to choose from!

Click to Enlarge Image

This image tells us that 299 web pages in Google's index compete with the phrase 'SEO New Zealand' with it in their URL - that's many companies to choose from!

More SEO agencies are willing to compete for Auckland than for the whole of New Zealand. Yet there is still a high search volume for SEO related terms for New Zealand, such as, ‘SEO company NZ’, ‘SEO services New Zealand’ and ‘search engine optimisation NZ’.

Given the level of competition, especially in Auckland how can you tell which of the so-called ‘SEO Experts’ are best suited for your business?

Remember, you will effectively be handing over the keys of your marketing operations to another business so it’s important to choose wisely.

SEO Services Outside Auckland

Although our name is SEO Auckland Chap, or SAC for short, thereby indicating that we might very well be an Auckland only based SEO agency. We are, in fact, simply located in Auckland and can provide search engine optimisation services throughout the entire length and breadth of Aotearoa.

Yes, that is correct, we provide SEO services for all businesses that operate in New Zealand that we prefer working with and feel that our combined knowledge will mutually benefit one another.

Here are some of the main towns and cities throughout New Zealand where businesses receive our SEO services. 

Blenheim Opaoa River mini


Blenheim - The heart of New Zealand's wine country, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Christchurch Town Square


Christchurch - The largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Dunedin Image - SEO Services


A town infamous for its world record steep street is Dunedin, where we provide SEO services for businesses.



Gisborne - Famous for its wineries and surf beaches located on the east coast, where we provide SEO services.

Hamilton, New Zealand


Hamilton - the largest city in the Waikato region, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Napier, North Island, New Zealand


Napier & Hastings - Home to New Zealand's Art Deco Buildings, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Nelson, South Island, New Zealand


The sunniest place in the whole of New Zealand, Nelson, where we provide SEO services for businesses.

New Plymouth, North Island, New Zealand

New Plymouth

Watching the sunset in New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Palmerston North Square, North Island,. New Zealand

Palmerston North

When driving south on the North Island you'll go through Palmerston North, where we cover SEO services.

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand


Queenstown, NZ - The International jet-set destination, where we provide SEO services for businesses.

Rotorua Museum, North Island, New Zealand


Rotorua - The North Islands playground with a smell, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Taupo, North Island, New Zealand


Home to the largest freshwater lake in New Zealand, Taupo, where we cover SEO Services for Businesses.

Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand


Tauranga - The beach destination for the Bay of Plenty, NZ, where we provide SEO services for businesses.

Beehive - Wellington NZ 1.1


Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and home to Parliament, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Whangarei Heads, Whangarei, North Island, NZ


Whangarei - The largest town in Northland, New Zealand, where we cover SEO Services for Businesses.

Quality Service

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Super Support

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Award Winning

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SEO Services Throughout Auckland Super City

Auckland Supercity covers a very large geographical area, incorporating all the main districts of Auckland, from the Northern suburb of Wellsford to the Eastern beach village of Maraetai Beach, the western suburb of Muriwai we aim to provide SEO services for all businesses located in Auckland.

For more information about each of the Council Districts within Auckland Supercity, click on one of the size regions below.

The North Shore, Auckland

The North Shore

The North Shore is a popular residential and business suburb, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

West Auckland

West Auckland

Many businesses are based in West Auckland, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Auckland City Locations

Auckland City

The largest and most populous region of Auckland - Auckland City, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Rodney District - Auckland

Rodney District

Regional Urban and Rural locations in Rodney, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

East Auckland

East & South Auckland

Businesses in the east of and south of Auckland, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

Waiheke Island Auckland

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island, away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland CBD, where we cover SEO services for businesses.

SEO Results For Clients

Here are just a few samples of rankings achieved for other clients* in the UK, Italy and New Zealand. These clients consistently receive free traffic from Google month after month. These results are obtainable for businesses located anywhere throughout New Zealand.

*we understand client confidentiality and will not publish our clients' data or who we act for.

Organic Rank Tracking

Click to Enlarge Image

This client approached us in the UK with the aim of ranking for a particular set of competitive keywords that were competing with hundreds of other companies in the same industry.

After changing the on-page structure Google moved the website down to position 83 for a period. We advised the client not to panic, Google will eventually adjust once we change the internal linking structure and the external links pointing to the page.

The phrase climbed to page 1 after 8 months and hit the #1 spot after 14 months of SEO.

The client now has multiple related phrases ranking on page 1 effectively doubling their traffic year on year and have now had to hire more sales staff.


Local Maps Rankings

Click to Enlarge Image

This screenshot is from the 'Insights' section within Google My Business for a client in Auckland. This client was receiving ZERO calls from their Google Maps listing, they now receive over 50 calls a month because of their #1 ranking position!

Dominate the map positions, take over existing local competitors anywhere in Auckland.

This client is now expanding staffing levels to cope with the demand. 

In addition to obtaining map listings, we also run this client's Google Ads and Organic SEO.

Would you like an additional 50+ calls from people all looking for your services?

#1 Rankings For Italian Client

click to enlarge image

This law firm approached us from Italy wanting to reach #1 in for their primary keyword phrase. 

Having had little success with previous SEO companies and a rather 'weak' attempt at doing SEO on their own, they reached out to us and we examined everything.

Ultimately, this needed to be approached from the ground up and rebuild the website with a faster theme, faster hosting, optimised images and re-align all the content and URLs to suit the niche.

Our perseverance paid off and within 7 months, the client ranked #1 for their keyword phrase and has since been enjoying over 20 leads a month for this particular niche.

Testimonials From Clients

Paul Image for G+

Paul Ashcroft

Landscape Gardener - Company Owner

"We've been using services from the owner of SAC from 2015 and have enjoyed a steady stream of enquiries for our services every week, month and year without fail. Without their services, we would have folded some time ago. We would not hesitate to recommend using their SEO knowledge and skills for any other business"

Marco P

Marco Permunian

Director - Real Estate Lawyer

"Our legal website was struggling on page 3 of Google for our targeted keyword phrases and we didn't know how to raise our profile in Google any further. Having used a local SEO company and got mediocre results, we thought it prudent to find an SEO company that had high rankings in Google already and consider using their services.

With the advice, we changed hosting, redesigned our website and conducted ongoing link building to achieve #1 rankings within 7 months of using their services."

Old Builder

Peter Dawson

Director of Dawson Builders

"I contacted Jonathan when our website died and we were unable to gain get leads to our website. 

Jonathan came around and sat down with us and explained how the internet and specifically internet marketing worked. He then built a new website for us and created a Google Ads campaign.

Upon switching on the Google Ads, we received 3 enquiries within 4 hours for our services. It really fascinates me, as I'm a bit of an old lundite!"

Jay Thain

Jay Thain

Managing Director - Real Estate Agents

"We used SAC services to obtain a complete SEO audit of our website, from the on-page aspects to an in-depth look at the terrible links that we had built from a 'cheap' option in India.

What a mistake it was to consider going cheap! Jonathan rectified all of the links by advising Google not to consider them and rebuilt out reputable links for our business.

We are now all over page 1 for Estate Agent in all of the nearby suburbs near our agency"



Director of Car Dealership

"We started with a 6-page website at the beginning of 2015 when we approached Jonathan for his SEO services. We wanted to grow our company into a nationally recognised brand that buys second-hand cars for cash quickly.

Jonathan conducted several hours of research to develop a plan to build out and advance our website. He expanded the website to over 130 pages and raised us from 350 in Google for our primary keyword phrase to #5 in 7 months, as well as ranking numerous other phrases. We went from zero to 1200 leads a month"

Hamilton Bryden

Hamilton Bryden

Director of Electrical Firm

"We used SAC services for our website and our leads changed overnight, we become so busy with enquiries that we have had to double our staff.

And the difference, getting ranked 1# in the maps. Our business heavily relies on people finding us using their mobile phones and the best leads are those that come from being found within the maps.

SAC changed this by establishing our map rankings."


Andrew Goding

Managing Director - Lomax & Wood

"We've been using Jonathan for the past two years, he has been exceptionally responsive and helpful for our business. 

He audited our website and Google Ads campaigns and reduce our CPC by 50%. At the same time, we were drifting further backwards in the map listings and were not appearing in the vital top 3 positions for our keyword phrases.

He has since moved us back to #1 for our main keyword phrases in the maps and we are gradually climbing back to the top of page 1 for our organic listings."

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