The Story Behind SEO Auckland Chap - Who is Running the Show?

Hello and welcome to SEO Auckland Chap, a website devoted to SEO services for people living in Auckland, New Zealand.

The first port of call will be to give the reasoning behind the name SEO Auckland Chap (SAC for short, I guess). It’s a name that some people may think of as spammy, but there is logic in the name.

Search Engine Optimisation: or ‘SEO’, is what I’ve been doing for several years, with a preference for helping local service businesses get found in the maps and for all their services in the search engines.

That covers the ‘SEO’ part of the domain name.

Next is the ‘Auckland’ section – that is pretty obvious; I’m based in Auckland, so this has to be included in the domain name. Although I’m physically based in Auckland, I can and do serve clients throughout The Commonwealth and the English-speaking world.

Now, the last part of the domain name is called ‘Chap’ – which may not be a term many people are familiar with. It is an old British term to describe a ‘fellow’, or a male who is a friendly, helpful person – and that is exactly what my services provide – I help businesses.

The term ‘Chap’ had previously made its way over the Atlantic and was famously quoted by Errol Flynn:

“The public has always expected me to be a playboy, and a decent chap never lets his public down.”

Humble Beginnings in the United Kingdom

Originally from a town in the UK called Rochford that dates to the 16th century and was home to a famous wife of King Henry VIII – Anne Boylen.

There is a pub named after her in Rochford (I wouldn’t recommend it), and where she grew up is now a local golf club. As an ordinary teenager, I spent many hours throughout the summer holidays playing in the fields surrounding the village and coming back only for lunch.

Rochford Hall, Essex
Rochford Hall, Essex

I made it to University

I left the fields of Essex to reach the fields of Sussex in the UK – or, more specifically, the fields around Sussex University, where I studied Maths and Economics. That was a few years ago now (please don’t ask me about Multi-variate Regression Analysis to Group Theory, I really cannot remember it); the old maths books are stored in a box somewhere.

So I collected a degree in Brighton, England and a girlfriend, who eventually became my wife.

Working in London – The Banks Called!

After a degree in Maths, the most logical step was to venture into the City of London and join the masses in their thousands commuting into The City daily, where I worked for several financial institutions over a decade. And I must admit if you’re young and in your 20s London is a great place to experience life. As the great Dr Samuel Johnson once said:

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

If you ever want to visit London, go in the summer when the days are long, and the weather is, on average, fine. But do get out of the capital and see the rest of the country if you want to experience a green and pleasant land. I can give you tips on where to visit.

Working in The City has its limitations once you reach a period of your life when you think about creating a family, and the thrill of restaurants and bars diminishes entirely once you have to deal with diapers, sleepless nights and cooking for more than yourself.

Sussex University Arts A Block, United Kingdom

Staying At Home, Raising Boys

There came the point where it wasn’t financially viable to have two boys in full-time nursery, so we decided that I would be the primary caregiver for our two boys, and my time in The City was no more.

(If anyone ever questions or thinks ‘stay-at-home parents’ get an easy job – this is utter tosh, and they have no idea!)

People sometimes ask, ‘what is raising boys like?’

I experienced boys that do not sleep, so I started to lose my eyesight and suffered from 3 years of sleep deprivation in my life. You need to treat boys like you do a dog. Walk twice a day and make sure you feed them often. While they’re awake, do not, under any circumstances, take your eyes off them at all!

Eventually, they did sleep, and I would have to work out what to do when they were not around and in school in the future. Not only when they were in school but also during school holidays.

I started to look online for a solution…

Stay at Home Dad - With One of My Boys

SEO Origins and Servicing Clients in the UK

Once the boys started to sort out their sleeping patterns and were starting to go to school, I took a few online courses and built my own SEO website for Essex in the UK. This website captured leads for myself, and I turned them into ongoing clients helping local businesses in their SEO efforts online.

(Albeit some were ideal, and now, I’ve learned that some were not ideal)

I still help some of my original clients in the UK and, thanks to the use of Zoom, can still do their SEO work where they continually benefit from ongoing SEO leads via Google.

Along came BREXIT, otherwise known as BREXshit as it’s now proving to be!

Stay at Home Dad - With One of My Boys

Looking Down To Auckland From Mount Eden - Finally in Auckland, New Zealand

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