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Discovering phrases for our clients are what we do - it's all part of a process.

So, you want to be found online, in the search engines giving you more business and customers? Increase your marketing to the realms of the internet to keep up with your competitors, but you’re not entirely sure the best method in doing this? Perhaps you've used a marketing agency but feel their efforts have fallen flat? What went wrong? What hasn’t been done?

Professional SEO Keyword Research Services in New Zealand

Did you know that the largest building in the world – The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, has the most extensive building foundations of any building on the planet by mass and depth. It’s been built on solid foundations; this is required for any SEO project. By making the most robust foundations possible and getting the targeted keyword correct before starting the campaign.

The majority of websites we conduct our SEO services on, generally appear to have been poorly constructed in the first place. The website foundations are shaky, and the website content has not been thoroughly researched for targeted keywords. This ultimately means that they’ll eventually rank for keywords that will not bring them vital target leads. They have been targeting incorrect keywords from the beginning.

There has been no thought into any SEO keyword research, no planning or sculpting of URL structure to work best with the search engines. You know the saying;

“if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

This is where we at SEO Auckland Chap do things differently; we PLAN every client's website based on several hours of keyword research. We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and each client sees dramatic improvements in their lead quality over the period we work with them.

Incorrect SEO Keywords Lead to Bad Campaigns

As explained earlier, when you build a house, you need to make sure that the house has solid foundations before building upwards.

IT is crucial to NOT ignore this vital step when designing the website's layout. If you look over this step, you’ll not rank for as many keywords as you previously could have. Your SEO campaign will not be as effective as it could have been if the keyword foundations were laid correctly.

Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Research
Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Research

Stop Targeting the Wrong Keywords for SEO

We’ve seen this happen time and time again. There are specific places on your web pages where you need to place target keywords. This effectively tells Google we want to ‘rank’ for this phrase first.

Yet other agencies don’t use this option at all!

You may find that the Meta Title has not been edited and is set to default. This means you’re not controlling what Google needs to see.

If you're not targeting specific keywords, you’re going to need to change that.

If you get the wrong keywords on your website, it will mean that no matter how many months your campaign is running, you will never reach the correct ranking goals. Your SEO campaign will not be successful.

Getting the Right SEO Keywords for Your Website

Finding the Best Keywords From Google
Finding the Best Keywords From Google

You may have keywords in the right places, but they might be the wrong keywords. They might not be buyer intent keywords. What we mean by buyer intent are phrases that someone is typing into Google and they are thinking about buying a product or a service.

Take the phrase;

 ”buy an Asus laptop 15.”

Compared to;

“review of Asus 15” laptop.”

The first phrase has been typed by someone wanting to purchase an Asus 15 inch laptop; they’ve made their mind up and WANT TO BUY.

Whereas the second phrase indicates that they are looking for a review of the Asus 15” laptop, they aren’t thinking about buying it, well, not yet!

We look to achieve rankings for phrases where it is evident that the person is more than likely to provide our clients with a pre-qualified lead.

This means that sales with this visitor will be a lot easier.

Our SEO Keyword Research Services

Have you ever heard of the phrases ‘quality over quantity'? Well, that is what matters when doing SEO; we make sure that we target the best keywords for your business and your company's services. We want to ensure that the quality of the keywords we choose and get you ranked for will provide the best possible return for your business.

We use several professional SEO keyword research tools to extract and combine all targeted KWs. We then use our ‘brains’ to look through the list of Keywords to determine their worth based on the search results for each string of words.

Having conducted random 'window shopping' to engage competitors on this, we found several competitors outsourcing this vital SEO component to offshore countries. Their fatal flaw in this process is that you need NATIVE ENGLISH speakers to understand the specific search intent of the searcher.

Any SEO Keyword Research has to be conducted in the native language of the searcher - PERIOD.

Extracted Data From Google Keyword Planner for Researching phrases
Extracted Data From Google Keyword Planner for Researching phrases

Use Google Trends to Start Hypothesising Phrases

Example of using Google Trends for SEO Keyword Research
Example of using Google Trends for SEO Keyword Research

Our SEO Keyword Search Incorporates:

With several years’ experience researching keywords for SEO purposes and have narrowed down a simple process, and it’s the same method every single time, across multiple countries and languages. We start with the Discovery Form and from there we can start:

One of the questions we ask is to provide a group of initial ‘seed’ phrases that you as a business would like to be listed for. We can then expand on this list and look for other ‘broad terms’ that are related. This starts the foundations of the website theme within the search engines.

Our software pulls out an extensive list of keywords from this initial seed list. Our role is to reduce this by eliminating spurious phrases that hold no commercial intent from the searcher. Likewise, we avoid targeting phrases that are simply too broad, and it isn’t clear what the user's intent is when they type in the broad phrases.

We ask you to provide us with a list of your online competitors. There is an excellent reason for this – we reverse engineer those websites to see what Google thinks of their business and what keywords Google ranks them for. More explanation of why this is important can be found on the SEO competitor research page

When examining a list of keywords from our software, we are often presented with many long-tail phrases. These will be low in search volume but indicate a clear user intent that will mean a far higher probability of the visitor turning into a conversion and sale. For instance, the phrase “best air conditioning installers in Glendowie” – this is a person wanting to install air conditioning in Glendowie, Auckland – they will make a call.

Another section within our Discovery Form asks about the geographical regions that you wish to operate in. The majority of companies only want to operate in specific geographical areas. We look to find related keywords that reveal what the searcher is looking for within a town or city. These are valuable phrases to target.

When looking at the locations you operate within if it is a service, you need to consider ranking in the local map listings. We are highly versed in the method required to achieve local maps listings for specific phrases. 

This is the part where a human with a reasonable level of intelligence needs to step in and ‘think’. A robot or software can extract hundreds of keywords, but are they all ideal to be ranked for? Does a phrase indicate to Google that the user is actively looking for a specific service or product? For example, “emergency locksmith Takapuna’ clearly reveals a lot more about the searchers' intent when compared to the phrase “career as a locksmith”.

After extracting a vast list of keywords from our software, we can narrow down the list to specific phrases. We use this list to build the website URLs, ranking, and KPIs for all of our SEO and Google Ads campaigns.

Final Thoughts - Why Keywords for SEO Are Important?

As a business, you don’t want to be pouring thousands of dollars into an SEO campaign that brings you little in return. Most of the time, the reason is poor keyword choices at the beginning of the campaign and not a diverse enough list of KWs that are incorporated into each website page. Unlike other SEO agencies, we understand the importance of this vital step. It's a step that cannot be outsourced or run by a computer – it involves a human brain to examine and digest the words with educated thought.

Are You Targeting the Correct Keywords for Your Business?

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