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Dominate your competitors online and triumph in the race to be at the top of Dunedin SEO and Google Ads results.

Operating digitally throughout New Zealand, SAC will develop long-term strategies for your business to hold onto positions in Google Maps, paid and organic search in Dunedin.

Welcome to SAC, an SEO consultancy providing search engine optimisation services for businesses located in Dunedin.

We aim to keep things as simple; hopefully, you've just arrived on our website from a search engine after typing in 'SEO Consultant Dunedin', or simply 'SEO Dunedin'.

If you have landed here, it means one thing: we know what we are doing and have managed to beat the competitors aiming to be the best SEO consultancy in Dunedin, New Zealand.

You may have a business selling a product or service in Dunedin and want to ensure that the people who find your products are the people actively searching for your products in Dunedin - correct?

That is EXACTLY what SEO does - it places a website directly in front of potential customers.


Baldwin Street Dunedin - SEO Specialists
Baldwin Street, Dunedin - The Steepest Street in the World

Expert Dunedin SEO Services from SAC

We assist small to medium businesses, franchises, and start-ups* all located in Dunedin. Each of our clients has a bespoke search marketing campaign aligned with their budget and expectations. If your business has limited knowledge of SEO, then we can provide an overview and insight into the algorithm that controls the rankings.

We can generate SEO results far quicker when we have clients with good SEO knowledge. Our clients who grasp the 'Why' behind our actions receive far better results as they implement our optimisation recommendations far more quickly. 

Therefore, for clients with a limited understanding of SEO, we prefer to bring them up to speed with the latest methods and take them to an intermediate SEO level. This helps our clients gain a reasonable SEO education, develop trust in our processes and be safe knowing where their SEO marketing budget is being directed.

If you're looking for a Trustworthy SEO consultant in Dunedin, here is a list of services we can provide for businesses based in Dunedin.

*specific criteria for start-ups

Technical SEO & Site Audits

We conduct a thorough, detailed Audit of your website, with over 150 checks to ensure Google can read your website correctly and finds no errors.

Our audits cover technical SEO aspects, on-page content and internal links and external backlinks. These are the three main aspects of how SEO fundamentally works, and we cover them all.

We examine how your website performs, what is required to fix any issues and provide advice for your in-house teams to use to increase their rankings. 

We gather as much information as possible about your website and your competitors, then present this information to you in layman's terms with clear instructions on fixing all of the issues.

Our audit is a diagnosis of all of the issues, provided with screenshots and reports. With an in-house marketing staff or developers, you should be able to implement the website optimisation recommendations.

If your business cannot implement these changes, we can conduct these for you and are a blueprint for ongoing SEO services.

On-Page SEO Content

The idiom 'Content is King' has been promoted ever since Google came along as the premier search engine directory and it still holds true. The content that you have on your website is the fundamental building block of what the main search engines look at to index your website - what on earth do you have on your page?

Upon completing our thorough website SEO auditing, we then come up with ways to increase the content on your website.

Why do we aim to increase the content on your website?

It's simple, we want the search engines to recognise that your website is the most authoritative and resourceful website for your niche.

We plan out a content plan for at least 12 months, each piece of Prowse is written by a native English speaker, checked for uniqueness and ensured that spelling and grammar are correct.

If you would prefer to write your own content then we would act as advisory and ask that you complete the content on time.

Off-Page Link Building

Auditing for technical errors, managing the on-page is only two-thirds of the whole story...what other item is needed to raise your rankings in the search engines?


Links from other websites are VITAL to be able to rank your website in a medium to a competitive niche. Without backlinks, Google will deem your website not as important when compared to your competitors and consequently not raise your rankings as high and your competitors get to have that TRAFFIC.

Link building is an arduous and time-consuming aspect of SEO, it needs to be done and will take a lot of effort to obtain a link.

Each niche and industry that we work within will require different links, some might be governing bodies of the niche, others will be relative to the local town or city. 

All of the costs to obtain the link will need to be accounted for as part of the monthly SEO retainer and this will vary from niche to niche.

Dunedin Railway Station

Search Engine Results On Worldwide Campaigns

Here are just a few samples of rankings achieved for other clients in the UK, Italy and New Zealand. These clients consistently receive free traffic from Google month after month. These results are obtainable for businesses located anywhere in Dunedin.

Organic Rank Tracking

Click to Enlarge Image

This client approached us in the UK with the aim of ranking for a particular set of competitive keywords that were competing with hundreds of other companies in the same industry.

After changing the on-page structure Google moved the website down to position 83 for a period. We advised the client not to panic, Google will eventually adjust once we change the internal linking structure and the external links pointing to the page.

The phrase climbed to page 1 after 8 months and hit the #1 spot after 14 months of SEO.

The client now has multiple related phrases ranking on page 1 effectively doubling their traffic year on year and have now had to hire more sales staff.

Local Maps Rankings

Click to Enlarge Image

This screenshot is from the 'Insights' section within Google My Business for a client in Auckland. This client was receiving ZERO calls from their Google Maps listing, they now receive over 50 calls a month because of their #1 ranking position!

Dominate the map positions, take over existing local competitors using Local SEO Services in Dunedin.

This client is now expanding staffing levels to cope with the demand. 

In addition to obtaining map listings, we also run this client's Google Ads and Organic SEO.

Would you like an additional 50+ calls from people all looking for your services?

#1 Rankings For Italian Client

click to enlarge image

This law firm approached us from Italy wanting to reach #1 in for their primary keyword phrase. 

Having had little success with previous SEO companies and a rather 'weak' attempt at doing SEO on their own, they reached out to us and we examined everything.

Ultimately, this needed to be approached from the ground up and rebuild the website with a faster theme, faster hosting, optimised images and re-align all the content and URLs to suit the niche.

Our perseverance paid off and within 7 months, the client ranked #1 for their keyword phrase and has since been enjoying over 20 leads a month for this particular niche.

Dunedin From The Air

Effective Long-Term Marketing for Businesses in Dunedin

Did you know that the #1 organic position in Google will receive 30% of the traffic, and 98% of the searchers stay on page 1? That there is a reason it’s prime real estate, but it is intangible you cannot feel it.

But it’s there and always will be, until the day humans stop using search engines to find what they want.

If you’re a business and you’re based in Dunedin and you want to see how you are competing against your competitors online, then you’ve come to the right place. We can tell you.

We can examine all your competitors so that you have a very good understanding of where you’re positioned in the world of search engines. We will also be able to find out as many suitable keywords that will bring in targeted traffic for your business.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it! Well, it’s true, we can do this.

Imagine spying on your competitors, or perhaps you want to aim to be the best business in your industry in New Zealand and not just Dunedin! Wouldn’t it be powerful to find out how to do this!

Interest? Well, you could email us and ask some questions about the long-term benefits of being at the top of Google. But you already know, that’s why you’re here, is it not?

Search Engine Optimisation Services Throughout Dunedin

Common SEO Questions & Answers

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation; it is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of targeted traffic to a website from the organic search engine results (SERPs for short). 

An SEO consultant will aim to bring targeted traffic to a business website relative to the business. For instance, if you run a plumbing company, you would want people looking for a plumbing company to land on your website. These are the people that will be contacting your plumbing business for your services.

SEOs can obtain targeted organic traffic for businesses, thereby increasing suitable leads for their clients. 

Search engines are highly sophisticated algorithms designed to give their users search results of what product or service they are looking for or the answer to their question. 

When you type a query or question into a search engine, the search engine has to find the best possible answer or solution to your question. It does this by looking through its vast directory (an index of billions of web pages) and return the most suitable response based on numerous factors. 

The factors it considers are known to SEO consultants. Still, they generally return pages based on what the website page is about and how many votes of confidence (links from other websites) the website page has received.

It will then rank the top 10 positions and place them on the home screen that you've just looked to, whether Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Duck Duck Go.  

All of this is done within a second of your question. Now imagine this was a library, and you had the exact answer to your question that quickly - you cannot, which makes the search engines and SEO so effective.

At SAC, we provide a full range of search engine optimisation services focusing on content optimisation, link outreach and technical improvements. As a leading SEO company in Auckland and with contacts throughout the SEO industry globally, your business will be examined and look into by decades worth of experience.

We use ethical methods to drive long-term SEO results for our clients that will positively impact your business.

As with most answers related to SEO - 'it depends'!

Backlinks from other websites are essential when ranking websites. The better your website is integrated with existing websites using links from other websites, Google will deem your website more trustworthy. 

However, there is a caveat in that not all links are equal; some will no doubt help your business expand on the internet, while others could certainly potentially damage your website reputation.

If your website has thousands of links from low-quality websites, guess what Google will think about your website? Not a lot!

If your website has as low as three links from highly respectable websites in the same niche as you operate in, Google will deem your website relevant and reward your website with targeted traffic.

Imagine if your business website is about roofing and you had lots of links from websites about puppies - they aren't relevant and therefore don't hold as much value in Google's eyes.

(It is slightly more complicated than this, but you get the idea!)

Using an experienced SEO consultancy in Dunedin who knows what they are looking at will they be able to determine the quality of a link and choose if it is viable to keep it.

Absolutely you need to have a GMB (Google My Business) listing!

How many times have you used to find a business or location using Google Maps recently? Perhaps, every day?

Your GMB must be used for local businesses.

If your business is listed high within the 'Map Pack', your business will receive more free traffic for your services and products.

Having a GMB listing will allow your business to display your website address, opening hours, any business reviews, and your business's exact location.

Luckily, we at SAC are experts in achieving this for our clients.

We do not place a limit on targeted keyword phrases for our clients.

Simply, we encourage your website to grow in size over time and in doing so will make suggestions to your in-house teams on how to expand the website with vital topical relevant content.

As your business grows we need to ensure that topical articles are added to your website to create more authority in your niche. This effort will increase the number of keyword phrases that the search engines will then send to your business over time.

The best answer here is 'it depends!

It depends on the stage of the website, is it brand new and has it just been built, it is 10 years and now an 'authority in Google'?

How many pages does it have when compared to the current leaders in Google for that niche? 'Plumbers in the North Shore' is a different niche to 'Plumbers in Auckland City'

How many links are pointing to your website when compared to your competitors? A brand new website will have no links, while one that is 10 years old might have a few dozen that have accrued naturally.

What type of links are pointing to your website compared to your competitors. Several techniques a few years ago meant hundreds of 'spammy links' were built and ranked websites. But they have no value and consequently, the recipients of those types of links have seen their websites drop off the SERPs and devalued by Google.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and should be part of your business overall marketing approach when combined with Google Ads they can become very powerful.

Overall, we're seeing brand new websites take anywhere between 6-12 months to be considered suitable to place on page 1 and rank in the SERPs. While established aged websites generally will move to more favourable positions within the 5-9 month period....BUT it really depends on the overall state of the on-page and off-page links for a website.

In some cases, your business website might have been the victim of thousands of spammy links and it might have been penalised. The best option would be a new domain here.

As with the previous answer - it depends!

We don't set up standard packages for SEO, it's impossible given the number of variables involved.

Every client we take on board is of a bespoke nature, the content required to dominate their niche will be bespoke and the links that we build for that client will be bespoke.

We need to examine and prepare, plan and work out the costs involved for your website and the campaign. This cannot be done without several hours of research and taking into consideration your budget to achieve results in the niche you're in the number of keyword phrases you want to be found for.

We do have a minimum investment that is required to use our services. Anything lower than our minimum would ultimately mean we diminish the quality of our services and will be unable to give our clients the best results possible from search engine optimisation.

You don't go to an architect and builder and say I want a house, without expecting to answer dozens of questions from either of them with regards to the specifications, designs, locations that you want.

The same can be said of SEO.

Before we can start any SEO project, we kindly request that you complete our SEO Discovery Application form. We do not start on your project until this is completed.

Our work with our clients is of an ongoing nature, the longer you continue SEO the better the results you'll end up receiving from our services.

Yes, you need to consider using Schema Mark-up when developing a website in this day and age. Google Wants to know more about your website and by utilising Schema, your website will undoubtedly gain an advantage.

What is Schema Mark-up?

Schema is additional code (semantic vocabulary) that is put into the page of a website to help search engines return additional information for its users. It can be used for FAQs, Brands, Locations, Tables, and other properties located throughout the internet.

Well, think about that one? (Tip - the answer is straightforward!)

Have you ever looked for information on the internet, and which website comes up time and time again?


Wikipedia has millions of pages on its website, in over a hundred different languages severing peoples queries throughout the internet.

Google likes this and gives Wikipedia millions of visitors a day from their search engines.

We obviously aren't going to plan to make your website anywhere near as large as Wikipedia. Still, more content does give Google more information about your business raises its view of your website.

Google will give you more traffic if all of your website is relevant to your niche - we'll leave it at that for now...

What Businesses are We Looking to Work with In Dunedin?

We provide a high level of SEO consulting services to businesses in Dunedin and hope that you take SEO seriously as part of your marketing plans.

We look for businesses that have good sales and operational systems in place. They've grown organically, but they feel 'something' is missing and want more. With our help, we’ll take them to the next step with their expansion online.

We don’t want to waste our time by sending you pre-qualified leads, which you cannot turn into sales – no one benefits in that case.

Our services aren’t for everyone, that is a certainty. All marketing is an investment for a business, and we know SEO is a targeted marketing service. Whereby, the leads it generates for businesses will be from people or other businesses actively looking for services. It’s not a ‘blanket’ approach, in the same way, that radio, television or newspaper marketing is, no SEO puts the right audience in front of businesses.

Do We Specialise in SEO Dunedin Or Nationwide?

Although we are based in Auckland (hence the name SAC), it's possible that we can be your SEO specialist in Dunedin quite easily.

How you may wonder?

The Internet enables us to effectively communicate with businesses throughout the whole of New Zealand and it also helps that we operate in the same time zone! 

We can phone, email and video call our clients to understand where they are at the moment and what is happening to their websites over time with our data and tracking.

From Dunedin in the south or Whangarei in the far north, everyone who has a phone will be looking at Google to find the goods and services that they want. We'll be there helping companies needing SEO services in Hawkes Bay or an SEO consultant in Palmerston North.


Testimonials From Clients

Paul Image for G+

Paul Ashcroft

Landscape Gardener - Company Owner

"We've been using services from the owner of SAC from 2015 and have enjoyed a steady stream of enquiries for our services every week, month and year without fail. Without their services, we would have folded some time ago. We would not hesitate to recommend using their SEO knowledge and skills for any other business"

Marco P

Marco Permunian

Director - Real Estate Lawyer

"Our legal website was struggling on page 3 of Google for our targeted keyword phrases and we didn't know how to raise our profile in Google any further. Having used a local SEO company and got mediocre results, we thought it prudent to find an SEO company that had high rankings in Google already and consider using their services.

With the advice, we changed hosting, redesigned our website and conducted ongoing link building to achieve #1 rankings within 7 months of using their services."

Old Builder

Peter Dawson

Director of Dawson Builders

"I contacted Jonathan when our website died and we were unable to gain get leads to our website. 

Jonathan came around and sat down with us and explained how the internet and specifically internet marketing worked. He then built a new website for us and created a Google Ads campaign.

Upon switching on the Google Ads, we received 3 enquiries within 4 hours for our services. It really fascinates me, as I'm a bit of an old lundite!"

Jay Thain

Jay Thain

Managing Director - Real Estate Agents

"We used SAC services to obtain a complete SEO audit of our website, from the on-page aspects to an in-depth look at the terrible links that we had built from a 'cheap' option in India.

What a mistake it was to consider going cheap! Jonathan rectified all of the links by advising Google not to consider them and rebuilt out reputable links for our business.

We are now all over page 1 for Estate Agent in all of the nearby suburbs near our agency"



Director of Car Dealership

"We started with a 6-page website at the beginning of 2015 when we approached Jonathan for his SEO services. We wanted to grow our company into a nationally recognised brand that buys second-hand cars for cash quickly.

Jonathan conducted several hours of research to develop a plan to build out and advance our website. He expanded the website to over 130 pages and raised us from 350 in Google for our primary keyword phrase to #5 in 7 months, as well as ranking numerous other phrases. We went from zero to 1200 leads a month"

Hamilton Bryden

Hamilton Bryden

Director of Electrical Firm

"We used SAC services for our website and our leads changed overnight, we become so busy with enquiries that we have had to double our staff.

And the difference, getting ranked 1# in the maps. Our business heavily relies on people finding us using their mobile phones and the best leads are those that come from being found within the maps.

SAC changed this by establishing our map rankings."


Andrew Goding

Managing Director - Lomax & Wood

"We've been using Jonathan for the past two years, he has been exceptionally responsive and helpful for our business. 

He audited our website and Google Ads campaigns and reduce our CPC by 50%. At the same time, we were drifting further backwards in the map listings and were not appearing in the vital top 3 positions for our keyword phrases.

He has since moved us back to #1 for our main keyword phrases in the maps and we are gradually climbing back to the top of page 1 for our organic listings."

Prime Your Dunedin Business for Long-Term Growth

Do you have a business in Dunedin or Otago and need help with your SEO marketing? Reach out to us and we can discuss your problems and see if our solutions suit your business and its needs.

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