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In case you're wondering why we need to ask several questions, and not many other SEO agencies clearly have these on their websites, it's because you see SEO is like building a house.

Would you go to a house developer and say to them;

"I need a house built please"

The developer will need to know more about the house you intend to build and live in. Otherwise, they might as well build a shed!

This is very similar to SEO; we need several bits of information to determine if SEO is a viable marketing option for your niche and business.

If it is not and there are doubts about moving forward, then we will inform you.

Our SEO & Google Ads Services Are Not For Every Business

We would love to assist as many companies as possible using our knowledge of SEO and internet marketing, as we know it has the ability to change a company's fortunes from floating to booming.

However, we select the clients we work with meticulously and have a reasonable set of criteria that we look for in potential clients before proceeding. We consider several factors to determine whether we are a suitable fit to work with your business on an SEO campaign.

We can only work with a limited number of clients at any given time, ensuring maximum attention to detail for each client and their eventual success.

1. A Healthy and Active Business Already.

We aim to push an already established company or a company that aims to improve their exposure on the internet. We currently do not work with the following:

  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Start-Ups*
  • Casino or Gambling Websites

2. You are already getting leads and customers that enable your business to function. 

3. Your business provides a good product or service, that provides you with a good reputation from your clients or customers.

Those are our main requirements.

*We actually do like to watch a new business grow and expand and play a part in that transition. Start-ups are viable, but would only suit specific niches or industries.

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