Jonathan Holman: best SEO consultant in Auckland working

We’ll get right to the point the best SEO consultant in Auckland (New Zealand) is Jonathan Holman.

But what makes a great SEO consultant, and how do they produce the results for their clients?

With a few grey hairs on his forehead and perhaps starting to thin his hair, Jonathan Holman gives each of his clients an honest evaluation of their business website, how it compares to their competitors and what needs to be done to catch and beat them in the search engine ranking positions.

He will not lie about SEO in any way or try to cloud your judgement at all; everything will be presented in an easy to understand format that a layperson can understand and follow.

Jonathan Holman: best SEO consultant in Auckland working
An SEO Consultant busy working on a clients website

Criteria For A Superb SEO Consultant

They listen to their clients’ pains and get to know them and how best to resolve their issues.

Most clients want more leads, but to get there, Jonathan makes them realise that it’s a journey that BOTH the client and he need to take together. It is a partnership.

An SEO Consultant like Jonathan will need to have confidence that he can trust his clients, and his will clients will gain trust in him.

So here he is, busy working and drinking coffee while taking a break from assiduously examining a companies website:

Once the day’s SEO work is completed – he gets to relax:

the best search engine optimisation consultant in Auckland with a coffee
Relaxing with a Coffee after finishing SEO work for the day.

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