Helping Local Businesses Succeed in New Plymouth With Google Ads

Finding a good Google Ads consultant in New Plymouth can be tricky; in fact, how can you know that any Adwords management in New Plymouth is better than what you might find if you were to hire an overseas PPC consultant?

Display and Search Ads are our bread and butter; we help companies worldwide with these Ad formats.

Professional Google AdWord Management New Plymouth

First and foremost, you need to engage in the services of an expert AdWords consultant who can understand the search intent of the end user.

We create adverts that are targeted toward the solution the searcher is looking for, whether this is an electrician in Bell Block, a roofing company in Marfell or an excavating company in nearby Waitara. Our creative adverts are designed to entice the searcher to want to click on your adverts and bring them to your website.

We are native English speakers and trust us; this is highly beneficial when working with a trusted company that knows what specific search terms mean!

Why You Should be Using Google Ads for Your Business in New Plymouth

How do you do this when you search for a product or service?

Do you, A, ‘Bing it’, or B, look at the Yellow Advertiser?

Or C, do you ‘Google it’?

If you answered C, you answered correctly.  98% of all searches on the internet in New Plymouth start when a user visits looking for what they want.

Now, imagine that you’re a business owner and you want to be found by your customers in New Plymouth – what is your best cause of action?

Use Google Ads!

Our Approach to Creating a Google Ads Campaign for Your Website

To conduct an essential Google Ads Audit for your business or perhaps create a new Google Ads campaign, we need an appropriate starting point that begins with in-depth Keyword Research.

Extensive Keyword Research for Ads Management

We cannot do this alone and will need your assistance to be able to start this process; this will yield far better results if we work together.

We’ll need to know what phrases you want to be found for in Google, what locations your business operates, all your products or services and who your competitors.

Once we’ve found this information, we can then hypothesise how best to set up your Google Ads for your business in New Plymouth.

But what if you’ve already got an account for Google Ads?

Auditing Your Current Google Ads Account

If you have no Google Ads account, we’ll create everything from scratch for you with tracking in place and reporting to be filtered into our monthly Google Sheet.

Let’s assume you have an existing account for your business in New Plymouth; what then?

This is where we’ll need to conduct an audit first and present our findings to you, advising what is required to bring your account to a standard that gives you better levels of targeted traffic, higher click-through rates, and conversions.

Once we’ve discussed what’s wrong and what needs to be done, we’ll present a timeframe to implement the changes.

Implementation of Google Ads in New Plymouth

This stage is where you come on board as our client; we’ve been granted the correct authority to start building out the Google Ads Camapigns.

The project's size and scope will determine the overall costs involved with the build-out and how it is built.

Collecting Data and Management of Your Google Ads Account in New Plymouth

Once a Google Ads campaign has been set up, it’s time to turn it on and start collecting data to optimise the account, ensuring that your adverts appear at the top of Google for the most suitable phrases that bring conversions.

This is our monthly PPC management services that look to optimise your adverts further, reducing wasted clicks and increasing the click-through rates of adverts.

Helping Local Businesses Succeed in New Plymouth With Google Ads

Our Google Ads Set-Up Process

  • Research for suitable keywords
  • Conduct an audit of how the existing account is set-up
  • Present our findings and advise what is required
  • Implement changes, creating logical campaigns and Ad Group structures
  • Set up conversions and start adding known negative keyword phrases
  • Ensure Ads are written to entice more clicks

Our Management Process

  • Adjustment of ad copies to ensure higher click-through rates with testing
  • Adjust location targeting to make sure locations with higher click-through rates are targeted
  • Conducting more targeted keyword phrases and target lists of search terms
  • Manage with your assistance the negative keyword lists
  • Tweak ad time delivery to capture targeted audiences
  • Provide monthly reports as part of the Google Data Studios

If you’re curious about our Google Ads services for your business in New Plymouth, then reach out to find out if we are a good fit to work with each other. Google Ads is only one traffic targeting method and will only capture a small percentage of the overall traffic available.

But where does the main traffic go to? Answer - Google Map listings and organic SEO; coincidentally, we also provide those services!

Are Your Google Ads in New Plymouth Up To Scratch?

Reach out to us and we can discuss your problems and see if our solutions suit your business and its needs.

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